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Notation Viewer History

1997 In order to help my wife Stefanie Stadler Elmer to get nice diagrams of her musical micro analysis studies I wrote a small C program which creates diagrams in Postscript. For this purpose I developed the MDT and DAT file formats.
December 2005 The problem with this little C program is that Postscript support can not be expected in standard personal computer environments. Most users do not have Postscript printers. Installing Ghostview and Ghostscript is (as I remember) a bit tricky. It is also difficult to import Postscript into office applications. Therefore, I wrote the Notation Viewer in Java with EMF and PNG export.

History of Versions

  December 2005 Full functional version.
2.0 March 2006 Simplified user interface.
2.1 April 2012 Editor for Data files.